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8 Types of Content That Every Website Should Have

types of content

The internet has exploded in popularly in the last decade. Looking at that explosion in numbers, you have over 4 billion people online. Catering to those 4 billion people are almost 2 billion websites. That’s about 2 people for every site. Given that level of competition, it’s important that your website cooks up smart content […] Read more»

How to Craft Awesome Blog Content : The Anatomy of Well Written Articles

well written articles

We all know someone who is well spoken and knowledgeable but terrible at writing. That’s because writing can be hard and doesn’t come naturally to most people. It requires a little time and effort, and everyone can benefit from improved writing skills. Whether it’s a matter of organization, language, or spelling, there’s something about good […] Read more»

The World’s Most Common Grammar Mistakes That Make Your Blogs Look Bad

common grammar mistakes

The English language is like one of those casseroles with a mishmash of ingredients that probably shouldn’t go together, but at this point, we have no choice except digging in. English vocabulary is a mix of Germanic, French, and Latin origins. It’s sometimes called one of the hardest languages for non-native speakers to learn, but […] Read more»

What is the Importance of Good Web Copy?

web copy

Is your website filled with lots of quality web copy? If not, your website isn’t as successful as it could be if you were to make good web copy more of a priority. If you run a business, you might even be missing out on sales and turning less of a profit every month due […] Read more»

Getting the Most Out of Your Blog: How to Get Your Blog Noticed

how to get your blog noticed

Congratulations, you have a blog! But now that you have one, do you know how to get your blog noticed? It’s a serious question. WordPress is one of the most popular blogging hosts with almost 75 million users. That means, at best, there’s a one in 75 million chance that someone is going to find […] Read more»

What Is the Ideal Blog Post Length?

ideal blog post length

Every blogger wants to know how long a blog post should be for search engine optimization (SEO). The problem is if you ask ten people you’ll get ten different answers. The best blog length isn’t as straightforward as you think. Successful content doesn’t come in a one size fits all formula. Your content is more […] Read more»

Updates to Writer Payment Schedule

The iWriter writer payout schedule will change beginning August 28. Due to frequent problems with fraud, we are making the following changes to the writer payout schedule: 1. All writer payments will now be made on Tuesday of each week. Any previously scheduled payments made on Wednesday or on the 5th/25th of the month will […] Read more»

How to Make Money Writing Online With

Do you want to know how to make money writing online? Writers are in demand, and finding work is relatively easy if you know where to look. Making money writing online is attractive: the flexibility, the work seems endless (especially for content writing), you can write about a variety of subjects, and you can work […] Read more»

15 Tips on How to Improve Google Ranking With Blog Content

how to improve google ranking

Roughly 81% of online searches were made using Google last year. It’s no wonder why Google rankings are so highly craved. If you want your website to succeed in 2018, you need to learn how to improve Google ranking. There are several factors at play in Google’s algorithm to determine which sites get ranked higher […] Read more»

Why Creating Quality Content Is so Important for Your Blog

quality content

A lot of success in business relies on metrics. We can look at the data of most things and see what works, what doesn’t, and we can tell you how to fix it. These things are actionable, and they have immediate, proven results. This is especially true when it comes to blogging for business. However, […] Read more»

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