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My 8 Tips for getting the BEST articles from iWriter

Today, I want to share with you several of my personal tips and strategies for getting the best use out of iWriter. Using these tips/strategies will make significant improvements to the results you’re already getting with iWriter. I know your time is valuable, so I’ll go with a bullet point format and will be short and sweet with each point. Read more»

NEW FEATURE! Get massive backlinks with iWriter!

Hello fellow iWriters. I’ve got some very exciting news to share with you today. We have recently added another very powerful, new feature to iWriter. In fact, it’s much more than just a “feature”. No longer is iWriter solely a place where you can get content, but it is now ALSO a place where you […] Read more»

And… We have banners!

Someone had asked in a comment on the blog for some banners that they could use along with their affiliate link to promote iWriter, so I thought the easiest way to do that would be to upload them here. You’re free to use any of the banners below. First, click on the image. This will […] Read more»

We’d like to reward you for spreading the word!

Update: The promotion has now officially ended. Any entries published past 12:00 AM ET on December 17th will not be counted. Thank you to those that participated. Read more»

We now do article re-writes!

Yep, we can now re-write any article for you, super quickly, and for a low price. If you want an article re-written 100 times, no problem… We have 100,000 writers waiting on your requests. There is no limit 🙂 To have an article re-written, simply select “Have articles re-written” … and then upload the articles […] Read more»

Have Kindle books and standard eBooks written!

This has been available for quite some time, but again, I failed to notify everyone. And I noticed that there were lots of requests for these features to be added. So, good new to those requesting this feature. It’s added 🙂 To request a properly formatted Kindle-ready book that you can upload straight to Amazon, […] Read more»

Publish iWriter articles automatically to your Word Press blog!

That’s right… ANY article you’ve ever had written or plan to have written by an iWriter can now be automatically published to your Word Press blog (as a draft) with a single mouse click! Most other content services that claim to have some sort of auto blog posting feature force you to use some complicated […] Read more»

We have an API!

Boom. We have an API everyone! This was one of the feature requests that came in earlier this week when I asked for some suggestions on what you would like to see us add to iWriter. This is also one of those features that we implemented over a year ago, but I failed to make […] Read more»

Welcome to the official iWriter blog!

Hey everyone, I recently sent out an email to all iWriter clients asking for various features/things that you would like to see us add to iWriter. I received a lot of great suggestions. Many of which were things that we actually already implemented and were live on the site. Which pointed out to myself just […] Read more»

How to write articles

Read more»

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