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Update! [2-15-2018] What We’ve Been Working On For You…

Hey everyone, the purpose of this post is to update you on what we’ve been working on over the course of 2017 and what we plan to add and/or improve on iWriter as we move throughout 2018.

And, as always, THANK YOU for continuing to trust us with all of your content needs. I promise that not a day goes by that we are not extremely grateful for you and are working hard to continue improving our services.

Ok, so let’s dive into what we’ve done, what we’re currently working on, and what’s to come…

1. 2017 was primarily filled with iWriter moving from the old legacy platform to the new platform. We re-coded the iWriter platform, basically from complete scratch, starting in 2016, which became known as the “beta” platform.

2017 was full of ups and downs as we slowly released the new, beta platform to all users. As you can imagine, when re-coding an entire website (one as complex as iWriter) from scratch, there are bound to be some problems 🙁

But we pushed through, and are super excited to say that (as you’ve probably noticed) the new platform was and is 100% live and working GREAT at the end of last month (January, 2018)!

There are still a few very minor bugs here and there, but overall:

The site is much faster

The site now allows us to add new features 100x quicker (which is the primary reason we did this. It sets you up for long-term success.)

The site allows us to fix bugs faster AND without screwing up other parts of the site, causing additional issues.

And then, of course, the site no longer looks like it was designed in the early 2000s 🙂

2. As I mentioned above, now that we are officially out of “beta”, we can focus 100% on improving iWriter. From both a content quality standpoint, as well as additional features (all without breaking things along the way)

And that was the primary reason for re-coding iWriter from scratch. Sometimes (Actually, most of the time) the most difficult things are those that end up being the most fruitful, so again, thank you for sticking things out with us as we moved from the legacy system to beta, and now to the brand new/shiny iWriter.

3. We are currently adding a way for us to manually review new writer’s work and upgrade or downgrade them, quickly, based on how well they write… This will allow the really great (but new) writers to get access to writing the higher tier content for you (much faster than otherwise). It will also allow us to downgrade writers that shouldn’t actually have access to the higher tier article levels.

By placing the correct writers at the correct levels, this will drastically improve the quality of content you receive, and should also speed up the time it takes to receive content… because there will be more writers at levels that may have more projects sitting in the queue.

4. We are adding a feature that will allow you to convert your content into a video! All you’ll do is check a checkbox on the “new project” screen and Iwriter will also convert your written content into a video that you can then do several things with like:

– Place the video at the top of your blog post
– Submit to video sites like youtube
– Use on social media and so on…

5. We are adding the ability for the client to select to have their submitted content manually reviewed by our editors, prior to receiving it… putting more “eye balls” on your content, saving you time it may take for you to edit it.

6. We are adding the ability for you to publish your content directly to your WordPress blog (in draft mode) saving you all the time it used to take to copy/paste etc.

7. We are adding the ability to receive the content in additional formats beyond just html. Formats like .doc .pdf and .txt.

8. We are adding content checks.

9. And lastly, in order to continue improving iWriter in 2018, we need additional funds. Since iWriter’s beginnings in 2012 we have not increased the content prices. All of our competition and everyone else in the market regularly has increased pricing many times (typically yearly).

In 6 years, we have not increased our content costs at all. On March 1, 2018 we will be increasing the price of content by an extremely small amount (just 10%), so, for example, if you ordered a 300 word article at the standard writer level, the price would increase from $2.00 to $2.20. Most of this extra 20 cents would go towards the writers earnings, and 19% (our normal fee) of that would go towards our development costs to bring new features to you in 2018 and beyond.

The 10% increase, across the board, will gradually attract better writers to the iWriter platform, and allow us to continue building out new features and functionality.

We’re up to a lot more than this, but those are the highlights.

Again, thank you so much for trusting us with your content needs.

And if there are any features, functionality, and/or questions you have, please let us know here:

Our primary goal for 2018 (Now that we’re finally out of “beta”) is on adding new features and functionality, so get ready for a fun ride!

The iWriter Team


    I would like to thank the people behind i writer. It is a fantastic idea whose time has come.

    I just registered and would like to participate in writing articles in different areas of life.

    Your support towards this end will be highly appreciated

  2. Amanda Engstrom -

    Curious on pricing to have you guys create a 50-55 page Kindle ebook?
    Thank you kindly

  3. iWriter -

    Hey Amanda, please check out our pricing page:

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