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My 8 Tips for getting the BEST articles from iWriter

Today, I want to share with you several of my personal tips
and strategies for getting the best use out of iWriter.

Using these tips/strategies will make significant improvements to
the results you’re already getting with iWriter.

I know your time is valuable, so I’ll go with a bullet point
format and will be short and sweet with each point.

Let’s get started:

1. Mondays are typically the best day to submit article requests,
as that is when the article queue is at it lowest during the
week. The lower the queue, the faster writers will write your
articles. On Mondays, getting a delivery time of 30 minutes from
the time you submit your request is very common.


2. Watch this video where I go over how to properly request content
to be written. The quality content you get back relies on, in part,
how well you can let writers know what you want. Watch this video:


3. Fully utilize the “add writers to your favorites list” feature.
Each time you receive an article, if you liked the work that the
specific writer did for you, add them to your favorites list.
Over time, you will build a very very large “favorites list”, which
you can then submit to ONLY them over and over again. With this
feature, you can build your own team of writers, working solely
for you. This feature is super powerful if you use it.

4. Always try to include “special instructions” to the writers,
when you submit your projects. The more detailed instructions
you include, the greater chance you’ll get exactly what you want,
the first time.

5. Don’t be afraid to pay for Premium level writers. These are
writers that are proven. They’ve written a minimum of 30 articles,
and have been rated highly. In most cases, these writers have
written over 50 articles, all with high ratings from requesters.
Choosing premium writers greatly lowers the chance of having to
reject an article.

6. When you submit article requests for a keyword, also submit
requests for a misspelled version of the keyword. For example,
if I’m having an article written on a famous sports player
(i.e. Peyton Manning) then I’ll have several articles written:
– Peyton Manning
– Payton Manning
– Peyton Maning
– and so on…

Doing this will help me rank in Google for different variations
of the word, because, it’s very likely that people are not only
searching Google for the keyword, but also are misspelling it.

7. “Spinning Articles” was a very popular method of getting
multiple variations for an article; however, these days, I would
steer away from article spinning. With the low pricing you can
get on iwriter, you can simply insert your keyword phrase multiple
times into the “get content” page and have multiple articles
written on the same exact keyword phrase.

Alternatively, you can select the “have article re-written” option
on the “get content” page where you’ll be submitting your requests.
And a real person will re-write a different variation of an
existing article.

8. If you’re new to iWriter, a great place to start is by hiring
those writers located within the “highest rated iWriters” list on
your user dashboard. These are writers that have been proven to
submit quality content over the most recent week.

9. And lastly, contact us anytime at our help desk:


We’re here to help YOU succeed, so if you have any questions,
problems, or want to let us know what you would like to see us
add to iWriter (note: we constantly add user requests) then please
don’t hesitate to contact us.

You will always get a speedy reply from one of our support
specialists, whether it be Amanda, Charlie, Bogdan, Beth, or myself.
We’re here to help in any way we can.

With that said, I hope you’ll find this post helpful.

Thanks again for choosing iWriter as your source for content.

The iWriter Team

  1. Thats good. I think some writer on iwriter could write quite good but someone very badly. I think iwriter should check.

  2. Virginia j Johnson -

    I am interested in writing content. I am at a lost as to where to go to inquire about requests for content.

  3. Hi, have a question. Does the fast track program allow writers to write in a top category, i.e elite and stay there or requester’s ratings can bring them down or make them climb the ranks more?

  4. iWriter -

    Hi Ahmed, your rating is ever changing. If you use the Fast Track to get promoted and then go on to write poorly written content, yes, you will be downgraded to the appropriate level.

  5. Thanks for that information

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