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Publish iWriter articles automatically to your Word Press blog!

That’s right… ANY article you’ve ever had written or plan to have written by an iWriter can now be automatically published to your Word Press blog (as a draft) with a single mouse click!

Most other content services that claim to have some sort of auto blog posting feature force you to use some complicated API or WP plugin to accomplish this. Not us.

All you have to do is update a few fields within your iWriter account so we know where to auto-publish the content and voila… done.

Here’s how it works:

You have an article written by an iWriter.

You receive the article from the iWriter. You review the article and approve it.

The article is now officially yours. To download it, you go to your “Articles Completed” page here:

Instead of clicking the link to download your article, you’ll notice a new link titled “Upload Article To WP Blog” located directly below the download article link:


Click that link and you’ll be take to the page where you can add an unlimited number of blogs to iWriter. This is the page you’ll be taken to a page that looks like this:


You can watch this tutorial video which shows exactly how to fill out the information:

Once on this page, you’ll just fill out your blog details. They’ll then be saved to iWriter, so the next time you want to publish an article, you can just select the blog from the drop down list and click “upload article” and bam, the article is sent straight to your WP blog! Just like magic 🙂


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