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We have an API!

Boom. We have an API everyone! This was one of the feature requests that came in earlier this week when I asked for some suggestions on what you would like to see us add to iWriter.

This is also one of those features that we implemented over a year ago, but I failed to make it publicly known and only let those that submitted support tickets know that we had one. Oops.

Our API should do everything you might want an API to do, but if, for some reason it doesn’t, please let us know by submitting a support ticket here:

You’ll be able to use the API to build your own custom programs using the iWriter platform. For you developers out there, think of all of the possibilities of having access to over 100,000 writers ready and willing to create content for you, on demand 🙂

You can access the API and all of its goodies here:

Please note that you will need to request an API key to be able to use the API. To do that, please submit a support ticket and include your iWriter username. We’ll generate a unique key just for you and will send it to you right away.


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