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Why Are Active Blogs Essential For Any Business Website?

active blogs

Maintaining a blog is an easy way to bring attention to your business and promote your services. 55 percent of companies say new blog content is one of their top priorities moving forward.

And blogging continues to evolve. Posts have become longer to encourage social sharing. Furthermore, bloggers report better results when they spend more time on a post.

Posting frequently maintains search rankings, increases targeted traffic, and establishes a brand voice.

Here are the top reasons that active blogs are necessary for your business website.

You Provide Customers with the Information They Want

By keeping content fresh, you provide customers with the information they want. You’ll find that certain blogs make more money but no matter what type of blog you run, new content keeps your readers coming back for more.

These are a few ideas for blog posts:

  • Trends in your niche
  • News related to your products or services
  • Research articles and yearly statistics
  • Updates and sales events
  • The benefits of specific products or services
  • Answering common questions that customers have in more detail

Business blogs need to update regularly. If your blog is inactive, people will turn to other sources to find the information they need. Keep engagement high by posting new and interesting content.

More Content Creates More Internal Links

New posts create internal links. These links help with site navigation and define the architecture of your website. Successful internal linking also boosts your page rankings on search engines.

Inner linking connects your pages in a meaningful way. It makes clear pathways for Google to crawl your site. And the more posts you write and publish on your blog, the more chances you have to create that web of internal links. 

Internal linking also distributes page authority across different pages on your site. This also helps with search rankings.

But rankings aren’t the only reason you should have more internal links. They also make it easy for new readers to find certain parts of your website such as contact information.

You Demonstrate and Share Knowledge

The more you post the more your content might appear in other locations. Your posts may appear on other websites with authority, creating quality backlinks.

Eventually, people will consider you a leader in your subject. Readers will want to hear what you have to say and place value in that information. Achieve this by keeping your posts relevant and answering customer questions.

What’s the benefit of publishing information on your blog for free? Readers will appreciate the information and are more likely to share it with others. In fact, 94% of people share a post because they think it’s helpful.

This is a key reason for updating your blog. By providing useful info such as how-to articles and beginner guides, your posts are more likely to be shared. Mix it up and try different types of blog posts.

Active Blogs Help with SEO

One of the biggest reasons a business keeps their blog active is to maintain their rankings. If you publish content on a regular basis, Google understands that your blog is active and posting useful content users might enjoy.

Keywords included in your website copy can only help so much. Maintaining a blog is a much easier way to increase your SEO ranking.

It also matters what type of content you publish. Engaging in keyword stuffing isn’t going to help your website rank. Instead, focus on putting out useful and interesting information that contains long tail keywords.

More Content Means a Bigger Audience

Whether you’re new to blogging or you want to expand your audience, publishing new content attracts more readers.

And the more you write, the more you learn. This leads to content with great value. If you can answer questions or provide information that your blog followers want, they are more likely to share that content with others.

As you keep blogging, you’ll discover which posts get the most attention and you can adjust your strategy. The more you post, the more your business benefits.

Don’t give up if you have a new blog but you don’t get traffic, instead learn how to grow your audience from scratch.

You Get an Increase in Targeted Traffic

Increasing your traffic is great, but posting more content attracts your targeted traffic. What’s the difference between regular traffic and targeted traffic?

Let’s say you run a parenting advice blog and you want more traffic on your website. There are two kinds of visitors you may get, parents or parents-to-be and random visitors. You want to focus on parents, expecting parents, and people connected to your niche in some way.

By publishing more posts on your blog, your visitors know what to expect. They come to your blog for a specific reason. They might even share your content or subscribe to your newsletter to learn more.

Blogging Establishes a Brand Voice

Creating a persona for your brand humanizes your business. Blogging establishes that voice through tone of voice, personality, and even vocabulary choice. A specific voice also helps define what your business is all about and what makes it stand out.

The more you post, the more your readers learn what your brand voice is like. Whether you go for a humorous tone or an educated one, your followers will connect with your content more.

If you’re not sure how to create a brand voice, start with your customers. Find out what types of people visit your website or use your services and work from there.

These tips for establishing a brand voice should get you started.

Keep Your Blog Active and Your Business Benefits

If your blog isn’t generating the results you want, don’t get discouraged. Increase the frequency that you post content and keep it relevant and interesting.

The more posts you have, the more likely you are to bring in targeted traffic and increase social sharing. Active blogs help with SEO, internal linking, and site authority.

And if you’re too busy to post every day or even every week, you can have writers create content for you. Check out our services page and reach out to us if you have any questions.

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